Students From Singapore!

開催日: 2024年5月25日

Last week, Some students from Singapore again.

They came from Singapore National Univercuty(NUS) as a Study.

All of them had first Experience of Japanese Shodo for 90minutes.
Because, They major in Japanese.
After the Lesson, Paperwork they did as a souvenir.
Some of them focus on doing…
Some of them doing with catting…
Some of them asking the giude…

They looks enjoy own style.

We waiting for Next year to see you again!(May be different students^^)

After the Shodo, They experienced Kimono(Japanese traditional Cloth).
that close is belongs to shop named 和奏苑 near from our school.

And went to Aso Shrine with Kimono.

Loo this picture in that time.


無料体験会を実施しています。 実際に足を運んで体験してみましょう! 体験会にはお友達やご家族と一緒、 お越しくださる方がほとんどです。 教室の皆さんも一緒に、 みんなでお待ちしております。 インスタグラムから応募できます。